Usually the craziness begins after four o’clock—Monday is Karate lessons for the young one, Tuesday is dance lessons for the two youngest ones, Wednesday is church, Thursday is piano lessons for the oldest and the youngest and drum lessons for the middle one and Friday during the fall is football games with the two oldest marching in the high school band.  Saturdays start with Karate again for the young one and then are spent running errands as a family—on the first Saturday of the month we go to the bookstore and buy books, and the last Saturdays during the spring semester are dance competitions.  Sunday is church again and as I’ve mentioned before, grocery shopping and other planning tasks for the week.

And somewhere in the middle of it all we try to eat supper every night as a family at the table—or in the den watching a show the whole family enjoys if time allows.

It takes split-second timing to fit all this activity together –something I am no longer good at.  I am very distractible since I am trying to coordinate all these different schedules.  Luckily the oldest has a car to run herself and the middle one around in—and Bob takes late-night duty, picking the kids up after I have dropped them off earlier in the afternoon.  But having once been able to do it all makes the fact that I need so much help now sting just a little bit.


3 thoughts on “Afternoons

  1. I remember those crazy, busy days. When my two were young, they had karate, church, choir, piano, etc, too. You think this is going to last forever, but it doesn’t. On top of that, I homeschooled them and I taught a few co-op classes. Now, they are adults and life is slower. I’m proud of both son and daughter. They love the Lord and are responsible, caring adults. That means more to me than jobs or financial “success”. You’ll get through this!


  2. I was a busy working mom with two very busy daughters and for some portion of it my husband drove and was out of town! Yikes – it was nutso…. it will get better. Make sure somehow, somewhere you take a little bit of time for yourself – even if it’s just an hour!


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