My First Visit

I went to the appointment Monday like I would any other appointment.  Bob went with me per Amy’s recommendation so that he could report what symptoms he had seen.  We filled out paperwork and then went to see a counselor.  After talking with the counselor, we were sent back to the waiting room.

After a while, the counselor called us back again.  She told me that she had conferred with the doctor, and they felt that it was best that I be admitted to the hospital immediately.  I was caught completely off-guard.  I said, “I thought I was talking to you to see if I needed to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.”

She said that the treatment team had agreed that I needed to see a psychiatrist, but that they felt it would be best for me to see him in an inpatient setting.  I looked at Bob, who seemed as shocked as I was.  She asked me if I was ready to go to the hospital. I said no, I didn’t have anything packed or have any idea what to do to get ready for it.  I reiterated that I did not know I was being evaluated for hospitalization.  She told me what I would need for the stay and gave Bob a list of items that he could use to pack for me.  She impressed on me that I needed to go into the hospital right now, and that Bob could bring me whatever I needed later on that day.

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