Ordinary Illness

My middle daughter has the flu, diagnosed this morning.  She started getting sick Friday and went ahead and played the Christmas  program two nights before she began running fever yesterday.  So that hasn’t been any fun.  We’re going to have to work to keep the rest of us well because no one wants to be sick on Christmas.  I endured a sermon from my mom about the flu shot once she heard the news.  She thinks it cures all ills, from sinus infections to bronchitis to strep.  I just don’t argue with her anymore.

Still a busy week.  I have a psych appointment tomorrow to follow up on my meds and whatnot,.  I’m not having any more menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, so maybe that was a false alarm.  But I think that now that class is over (except for grading finals) my stress levels will drop considerably.  And I’m only teaching two classes next semester, so hopefully things can return to “normal”, whatever that means for me now.

I’m been catching up with long-ago friends lately that don’t yet know about my diagnosis.  It’s always kind of weird to mention it.  My very oldest friend from my hometown didn’t know it and I thought she did.  (Her mom and my mom used to be friends, so I thought mom would have told her).  That was awkward.  She’s a preacher’s wife now, has been for almost 16 years.  She said she’d pray for me in it, which I appreciated. But it was still strange.  Funny how it’s not a problem to share with strangers but it can be with people you know.

P. S. As you can see on the right-hand side, I’ve been allowed to join the Bipolar Blogger Network!  Click on the icon to see a list of other blogs on the network written from all kinds of perspectives.  It’s nice to know you’re not alone out there!


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