How I Fell Into My Job

In fall 2010, I received an online newsletter from one of my former publications that included a news release from a local community college.  They were looking for people to teach English classes. A Master’s degree was the preferred qualification, with some experience also preferred.  The release indicated that a rise in enrollment led them to put out the request.

I thought for a little while.  I had taught English Composition while working on my graduate degree.  I was at complete loose ends—I hadn’t been admitted to the hospital that spring so I felt that I was doing well enough to attempt to work.  The college was only a few miles from home, so commuting wouldn’t be much of a problem. I decided to call the English Department and see what could be worked out.

I got the department head and explained I was calling in response to the request for English teachers.  My interview was very short and sweet—she asked my degree and experience, told me I would need to have my transcript mailed to the academic dean, and asked me to come in to get copies of the textbooks.

I was shocked.  I hadn’t expected it to be that easy.  Bob came home that night, and I told him, “I think I’ve been hired for a job teaching.”

I told him about the opportunity, and once I explained how I hoped to keep it low-key and part-time, he was all for me going to talk to the department head to see what I could do.

5 thoughts on “How I Fell Into My Job

    • I have up until this semester truly enjoyed it. As I wrote earlier on the blog, three classes was one too many. The only downside about teaching part-time there is that I’m not covered by retirement or insurance. But I enjoy being in the academic environment.

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      • Three classes does sound like a lot to juggle. Hopefully you are able to reduce your workload. We are caught in a catch-22 when it comes to re-entering the work force vis-a-vis full-time with job benefits vs. part-time with none vs. disability and Medicare.


  1. So far, I have not broken the earnings threshold for Social Security disability. (The pay is woeful. I am literally teaching for the fun of it). So I am able to work and draw at the same time from disability and keep Medicare. I am currently being reviewed for my trial work period and possible medical improvement. So we will see how it goes.


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