The Interview

I went in to talk to her about a week later.  She explained that classes had started, but enrollment was up enough that they knew they would need teachers the next semester as well.  We talked about my experience at State and how I could handle the classes, what my class policies would be, what the college would require me to do, and all other matters related to classroom management.  It wasn’t so much a job interview as it was an orientation session for what I would be doing.

Partway through the interview, I took a deep breath and explained that I’d like to start out teaching only one class because I had bipolar disorder and did not know how much work I could handle.  I told her I was experimenting to see if I could work at all.  She took the information in stride and said that she would be glad to work with me to see how much I liked the work and how much I could handle. I was shocked at how easily that went over, too.

I spent the fall semester planning my syllabus and course policies. I read the book and selected the readings I wanted to teach on.  I would be teaching Composition II, which included literary analysis and research papers. I studied my old Composition II materials from when I was at State and developed my strategies and methodologies for teaching.  I pulled out old handouts and even old final exams, which I planned to use again after modifying them somewhat.  I got as prepared as I knew how, even investing in new clothes to wear to class since I had been out of the public workforce for so long.

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