Merry Chirstmas!

So Christmas has come and gone for another year.  We had good times with friends and family again this year–everyone behaved themselves at my parents’ house and at my in-laws’, so that was a blessing.  We all got various things we wanted-I got to open and hang up my newest purse purchase–a purple Coach.  My oldest daughter got a coffeemaker for her dorm room, my middle child got soundtracks for “Doctor Who” episodes, Bob got almost the entire James Bond series on DVD, and my youngest got a Lego Friends Cruise Ship to put together. Of course there was more, but those seemed to be the highlights.

We’re going out today to do a little shopping once the refrigerator repairman gets here.  I got gift cards to Belk’s and plan to look for a new long brown London Fog coat.  Bob’s going to buy Hallmark Ornaments half-price.  And we plan to go out to eat for lunch at one of our favorite casual restaurants.  Then my daughters’ friends get to come over to visit and spend the night  So we have to clean up the house a bit before that. But we have an enjoyable day planned out, and I’m looking forward to it.  Hope all your Christmases were merry and bright!

2 thoughts on “Merry Chirstmas!

  1. We had a very nice quiet Christmas. My husband, son and daughter spent the day together at home.My son found some books I collect that have emotional significance for me. They are old books I used to read with my grandmother. One of the books was 100 years old!! That means lot to me. Some of those books never made to paperback status. So I haven’t seen them for decades.


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