Last Night

Last night I was hit with an abdominal pain so strong it felt like labor.  I went and laid down in the bed for a while, Then tried going to the bathroom to relieve it.  I realized I was spotting red blood.  So after a half hour of it not going away, I got my husband moving and we went to the hospital.  It started to subside but just down to a dull ache.  SO a lot of poking and prodding later, the doctor decides to do a CT scan of my stomach at two a.m.  They found gallstones without active evidence of disease.  The pain’s gone this morning, so we don’t know what went on. He wasn’t convinced that the gallstones were causing the pain or the bleeding.  So I’m to call my ob-gyn about the bleeding and my doctor about the gallstones sometime today.  We’re operating on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep. So pray that if it is something to worry about, we’ll find out and that if it isn’t, I’ll never have any trouble again :).

I’m a bad one going to doctors because of my work with disability, I know the symptoms of everything that can kill you.  So my mind goes to the worst possible scenario every time,. And I’m bipolar so I blow everything out of proportion in my head.  I don’t bother the doctors a lot because I know this, but last night, I was convinced I had either an ectopic pregnancy or a ruptured cyst of some kind.  I listed off all these things I was worried about, and he asked if I had been googling stuff.  I said no, and my husband said she doesn’t have to.  🙂  So that was my adventure last night.  Just pray that Bob can make it through the day at work.

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