I’m Feeling Led

I had planned to end and begin the years on a positive note, but I’m feeling heavy for a friend this morning.  She posted yesterday on Facebook something that alerted me that she was not doing well.  I spoke to her and found out that her husband left two days before Christmas and was not coming back as he had said he would to “work things out”.  I listened to her telling me the tale of the past six months in her marriage and tried to console her.  So many marriages dying around me. All people around my age and with children the age of mine.  I think how close Bob and I came to becoming a statistic and pray that some how these folks can find a way to forgive and put things back together again.

I especially pray for Christian friends to surround these couples and lift them up in prayer,  A friend of mine who divorced her husband after she discovered his affair said that she was “dropped” by various Christian friends afterwards.  I pray that doesn’t happen in these cases.  Divorce isn’t “catching”.  It’s just a very sad choice to make.  I hope I can be there for my friend and see what I can d for her.

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