Calming Down. . .

Went back to my psychiatrist yesterday to see if I had come down from my manic episode.  I told him I was feeling a lot better, but Bob pointed out that I had started “flitting”–moving from place to place and project and project in the house and suddenly leaving the house needing to get out.  I acknowledged this, and my doctor said my Abilify dose was likely too high.  So we cut it back to 15 milligrams a day to see if we could calm that behavior down.

Also talked to him about my upcoming procedure I may have to alleviate my periods–endometrial ablation.  He said he was familiar with the procedure and had no reservations about my doing it.  We asked about taking my morning meds since I was going to be put under, and he said taking them later in the day after the procedure should be fine.  So that worry is out of the way.  I have a pre-op visit scheduled the 20th and will likely have the surgery the next Tuesday.  So that’s what I’m looking at down the road.  Pray that it will have the desired effect of stopping all this bleeding I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “Calming Down. . .

  1. I’m thinking about asking for endometrial ablation as well. I’ve been dealing with severe periods (probably endometriosis) for 20 years now, and it’s freaking hard to get anyone to take it seriously. I’m in next week to take advantage of the fact we finally have a female doctor in our local office.


    • I had it brought up to me because I’ve had trouble occasionally with periods THAT NEVER END. Lately the trouble is periods every two weeks, and BC’s are not working. So this option was the next one presented to me. I’m hoping it goes well.

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