Morning Dreams

I went back to bed after everyone left this morning and had dreams.  I dreamed we were cleaning out my grandmother’s house before she died of everything that belonged to us.  In my dream, we had been staying with  her to take care of her and we were about to leave because she was about to die.

No such thing actually happened in my life–my grandmother did die after a short illness when I was in college, but we did not live there to take care of her.   All her children took turns “sitting up” with her, taking care of her daily needs as she lay in the bed, unable to care for herself.

I dream a lot about being at her house.  She was the closest thing to an angel I have ever known. She never raised her voice to any of us children that I ever heard.  And all of us cousins could be a wild bunch.  I do remember spending the night with her occasionally–she would let me read back issues of Southern Living or Our Daily Bread, a devotional magazine she read faithfully every day along with her Bible.  We would pop popcorn the old-fashioned way, holding a long-handled popper over the gas heater to get it to pop. We would sit and watch TV, which she kept around mostly for us kids to watch.  I don’t think I ever saw it on in her house when we would  arrive to visit.  It was a very simple house, with bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling instead of light fixtures, but it was a calm house. There were beds in every room except the kitchen and bathroom, a legacy of fitting seven children into a six-room house.

Whenever I have these dreams I miss my grandmother intensely.  I wish I still had someone in my life with her calm temperament and her assurance that everything was going to be all right because it was in God’s hands, not ours.  I look forward to seeing her again some day.

4 thoughts on “Morning Dreams

  1. Sounds like a Nice but bittersweet dream. When I dream in detail and wake up. The first thing I try to do is analyze what the dream meant or why it occurred. Usually the answer is simple, such as, my brother and I reminisced about something earlier in the day. Sometimes I look it up online. I don’t believe in seeking divination, but I believe instances in the Bible when God spoke to His people via dreams. If I dream about a deceased loved one, I choose to view it as a loving “visit” from that person. Sometimes I wake up in tears. I know better but I bask in the enjoyment that I “spent time” with them. I believe what the Bible says for believers, “to be absent from the body is the be present with The Lord.” So I also cannot wait to be with my believing loved ones again.

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  2. I don’t often remember my dreams (Sleep apnoea probably has something to do with that), but lately I have been more so. I dreamt about my grandma last night too. She (who died a long time ago), my dad (who passed away two years ago), myself and someone else were in a car in a storm that turned into a tornado and we were swirling around in it almost like Dorothy’s house in the wizard of Oz. I was never scared, though, strange.

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  3. I always think it’s amazing that you can walk into a home and feel what it happening with the special people who live there. You can feel tension or peace, love or struggle. I have experienced this a few times. Some places seem to be bursting with sunshine, radiating with the presence of God’s spirit.

    Your Grandmother must have been a lovely person, and her house – so simple – reflected that. It wasn’t about the furniture or adornments. It sounds like it was her connection to God and his peace.

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