Got Good News

Found out that I am going to have a story in Mississippi Christian Living on me and my journey for their May issue!  It turned out to be more of an interview, which is fine with me.  But I’m excited about it.  And nervous, too.  THis magazine is distributed heavily  locally and that means EVERYONE I know will now know I’m bipolar.  I’m trying to steel myself for the questions now.  But hopefully I can use the opportunity to educate and advocate somewhat for people to lean more,.

5 thoughts on “Got Good News

    • I don’t feel particularly brave–everyone whose opinion I care about already knows. But this publicity may lead to more awkward conversations in the hall at church. I just hope I did a good job and don’t scare people!

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  1. I suspect you will find love and acceptance. Everyone has a thorn in the flesh, it’s just that now, Yours will be revealed. You may not feel brave but readers such as us here know that revealing your experience gives hope that if God is seeing you through this, then He is likewise willing and able to do the same for us. I’m praying for you to be calm and self-assured as you face reactions 🙂 .

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