Puppy Love

When I was young, I had crushes and puppy loves like all kids do, but one thing was consistent—when I fell for a guy, I stayed in love for quite some time.  Bruce was for at least three years.  Mark was for two and a half, Darren probably a year or so.   I never dated in high school, I was an outcast for several reasons, so it didn’t really matter whether I liked a guy or not, he wasn’t going to ask me out.  But I still stayed stuck in love with them for long periods of time regardless.

And when I fell for someone, I fell hard.  It was always the same pattern—I’d be giddy just being around the guy, I’d try to be around him as much as possible, and when he would talk to me, I’d be at my funniest and most silly trying to hold his attention. (Yeah.  Classic mania.  I know.)

The last was true particularly in junior high, when I fell for a senior guy in the band—he was the drum major and our grandmothers were neighbors, so I knew him fairly well already.  I went so far one time as to jump off the top step of a school bus, intending to land on my feet on the ground.  Instead, I hit my head on the top of the bus door, blacked out for ten seconds and collapsed practically at his feet.  I came to with him standing over me going, “Julie?  Are you okay?  Are you okay?”

I struggled to my feet and said yes, coming away from the whole incident with a big knot on my head and an even bigger bruise to my ego.  That was about typical for how I operated around guys I liked an awful lot—embarrassing myself and them in the process.

9 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. I know I must have done a few things to get attention from guys, but I don’t remember most of them. And I did a few embarrassing things mostly by accident too. One time in the music room, where there were built in bleachers instead of the floor, I was passing a group of my peers talking. One wouldn’t move, and trying to go around the guy in my way I slipped down to the next lower tier. My hand flew out and hit the guy in the tush! I think my face was beet red for a week! And I didn’t dare look up at anyone the rest of the day. LOL!


  2. Funny. Thanks for the smile on my face ladies. My grandma once sent me to the corner store to get a jug of juice. On the way home I saw a crush down the block going the opposite way. I slammed the jug on the ground to try and get his attention. He never turned around. I caused a crack in the jug, tried to pass it off to my grandmother as “already damaged” and got into a world of trouble.

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  3. I can remember making a total fool of myself a time or two as well. I now get the pleasure of watching my daughter do it lol! Of course she knows my rule is no dating until after high school and until you are at a point where you are ready to get married so she never wants me to know that she likes a boy. Unfortunately for her it is painfully obvious.

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