Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day was always terribly traumatic for me.  The best memory I have is of a boy named John giving me a valentine in sixth grade.  I smiled the rest of the day.  (This was before the days of teachers sending notes home with lists of classmates and a request that all the children receive valentines.)  John rode the school bus with me and would sometimes be nice to me and sometimes not—when I was in late elementary school, I lived for those times when he was.

Another fun Valentine’s was the year I took matters in my own hands—I decided to leave anonymous valentines in lockers around school for all the guys I hung around with.  I had a typewriter at home my parents had bought for me to use for school papers.  I took half sheets of plain white typing paper, folded them over, typed their names on the front, and composed a little ditty for each guy that I typed inside the card.    I think I did about twelve total and left them in lockers, on desks, and on music stands in the band hall.  As far as I know, no one ever guessed it was me.  But it certainly got attention around the whole school with all the guys trying to figure out who sent them.  I was so proud of myself.


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I only dated once in high school. Clearly the wasn’t relationship oriented, so it didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t date much in college until my future husband showed up. We learned how to be friends first. I’m grateful for that even now.And until Frank showed up, I never really paid much attention to Valentine’s day.


  2. That was a really unique and fun idea. Valentines days is not extraordinarily meaningful to me. Both my husband and I are dry like that. He will give my daughter and I boxed chocolates. Maybe a card. Sometimes I plan an outing. A few years back it was dinner reservations and a helicopter ride. The last couple of years we did nothing. This year we are doing a couples painting. I went to a painting party for a friends birthday and thought he might like it. In high school the big thing was $1 candy grams…a fund raiser for one of the many school clubs. I may have garnered candy grams from an admirer or 2 and I’m sure I sent my fair share.


    • My senior year I got the shock of my life receiving a homecoming corsage from another senior boy. But he never asked me out or followed up on the gesture, so it remains a mystery to me why he did it.


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