These were the days before cell phones, so Darren had no way to call my parents  But some how Mom get it in her head that I’d had my own denstist’s appointment that day and was probably there waiting.  The desk called me to the phone, and it was my mom on the other side, telling me that my dentist appointment had been canceled and rescheduled to another day.  “I’m coming to get you in just a minute,” Mom said.

It was all I could do not to break down right then and there in the office.  I still wanted to run away; I still didn’t want to live at home; I still didn’t think my parents cared about me—except I could tell mom had been crying before she got on the phone.  I was angry that my plans had been disrupted and I was going to be going back home after all.  But I held back those tears of frustration until that night when I was supposed to be going to sleep. If she ever figured out that I had tried to pull a stunt like running away, she never let on.  SO I escaped punishment but still had a long time to go before I could leave home


2 thoughts on “Caught

  1. When we are young, we just don’t know how it is out here. My home life was unstable. I had nothing to run from and nowhere in mind to run too. As the youngest, I was raised by my elderly grandma while my siblings were raised by our parents in another city. Their situation included abuse and abandonment, far worse than my childhood experience. I was kept as a very old fashioned little girl who spent time with my grandma and her elderly friends. I loved these old women, they did their best by me. But this did nothing to add to my own friends and popularity in the 70s among my classmates. I was solitary for a large part of my childhood, constantly confused about life and growing up. To my grandma everything ( survival skills, puberty, dating, my future) was a big secret! As a young adult I was fearful, naive, have been suckered plenty of times, and ignorant. ThAnk God he had his hand on me. I wish your family would have reassured you.

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  2. My grandparents played an important role in keeping my head on straight. I didn’t live with them, but they were nearby. My bipolar mom was verbally abusive, so my grands helped me keep from retreating inside myself too much. I am eternally grateful to them.

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