Day Three

Well, I made it through the dance competition this morning.  Both my girls danced and did well; I started hurting some towards the end but it was more like mild period cramps than anything else.  I came and home and lay down, and now I’m feeling better.  I plan to be lazy until my youngest daughter goes to a birthday party this afternoon and my middle one has her friends over to play games and munch.  So the hard part of the day is over, I think and I swing into next week hopefully pain free!  Thanks all of you for praying for me as I go through this recovery with just not very much to post.


3 thoughts on “Day Three”

  1. God is so gracious. If you were out today and cramps felt mild and your are looking forward to more activity, that’s a good sign! Praying for you, whom I do not know, costs nothing 🙂

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