Evened Out. . . Except for My Future

Well, I’ve recovered well from my surgery and now go back into full-out turbo-work mode again–this week is dedicated to getting ready for my little one’s tenth birthday party.  We’re going to be having a “Frozen”-themed sleepover on Friday night and then have a party just for family members on Saturday afternoon.  Baking, cleaning, organizing–all those things I’m not as good at as I used to be.  So I’m feeling a little unsteady about that.

Then there is the question of my future.  My department chair wants to know if I plan to teach next fall, and I do not know what to tell her.  I got a major disappointment in that realm; while I was down with my surgery, I put together a homework assignment to cover what we would have gone over in class.  Right at  half my students never even bothered doing it.  I had two that sent it but it did not get to me, one who sent it in a bad file, and 12 others who submitted work.  I have about 33 students total this year.  And none came with an explanation as to why they had not completed it.  They will see the results in their papers they are wrting this week when they demonstrate that they do not understand the concepts the homework assignment was supposed to get across.

So I am putting out feelers for other avenues.  I would really like to teach creative writing on the college level–the prospects of teaching students who really WANT to learn how to write excites me.  I have called/contacted two other colleges in the area and plan to contact one more and see if they would be willing to hire me as an adjunct to teach Introduction to Creative Writing.  I’ve also renewed my call for students for my homeschcool class to start in March and am wondering what will come of that.

The sticking point is always going to be my condition, though.  How much can I take on to do?  I also have a feeler out to a academic press here in town for a part-time unpaid internship as an editorial assistant to see how I would like that kind of work.  I hate the idea of working for free but love the thought of working around books and editors and authors in a creative environment.  I won’t hear from that until around April, however, for the summer session.

So if anyone wants to pray for me to have discernment and direction, that would be welcomed.

5 thoughts on “Evened Out. . . Except for My Future

    • I have a tendency to be a control freak and am working to break this in myself. I want a plan, an agenda, a training manual. But I am learning that the right thing tends to come along at the right time. SO we will see.

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  1. I don’t mean to sound negative, but good luck finding students who really desire to learn about writing, especially in an introductory level class. My daughter is at a state university, and she says that the teachers there have to practically do handstands to get students to show up and actually do the work. You would think by the time they reach college age, they would find the motivation to be responsible. But apparently it isn’t so. She saw the same thing at the local community college. I think those types of classes you want are higher level where the uninterested are weeded out by then. Perhaps 400 or 500 level classes. (The fun stuff!)

    I’m so happy you are taking time to teach a homeschool class. I used to do that quite a bit. I taught local state history, introductory Spanish, some science and some geography classes. It was fun. That was free, and we got blindsided by some complainers, so it sort of fizzled out.

    I’ll be praying for you!!


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