One Answer to Prayer

Well, my homeschool class may already have filled up!  I didn’t hear anything for a month and now I’ve gotten four requests for information.  Because of the facility I use, I can only take four students, and that’s how many requests I’ve gotten.  We will see how many follow through.

The class lasts eight weeks but it’s only for two hours a day on Friday mornings.  We cover creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and drama.  The kids do assignments and end with submitting a portfolio of work for a major grade.  IT’s a lot of fun to teach and to grade their work–the kids are usually motivated and very involved.  I had one slacker last semester who didn’t do his assignments and then failed it.  So that wasn’t thrilling  But otherwise it was a very rewarding experience and one I’d like to repeat.

Today’s my first day without any painkillers after my surgery.  I’m feeling pretty good right now and the bleeding has gotten very light.  So I’ve started lifting and doing laundry again :).  Back to work.  God is good to have let me recover so well.  Thanks you all for your prayers.

9 thoughts on “One Answer to Prayer

  1. I get that impression. My daughter used to ask me to homeschool her (when she was in elementary school) and I finally told her that she wouldn’t do anything I told her to do NOW. What would being with Mommy all day long doing what she said do be like? That ended that. 🙂

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  2. Julie, sometimes churches don’t mind hosting homeschool groups, especially if they aren’t using the gymn facilities. You could probably double your class size in a small church’s all-purpose room.

    Homeschooling came natural for us. I was “doing” (actually leading) homeschooling with a local group before I even had children. I used to be an itinerant teacher in Mid-Michigan when it was only legal if they had a state certified teacher supervising. So I traveled from home to home. I was in a different home most days of the week. I got to see what worked and didn’t work before we started our own home school.

    CKGroves, I agree with you. We moms would trade off topics to teach to give each other a break.

    I missed those days. They were the best years of our lives.


  3. Before I started, I called every church in town and not one of them would let me come in and do this–not even the one I was a member of. I was about to the point of holding it in a coffee shop until I finally hit paydirt with the libraries–all three were willing but only one would let me come in for free. So that is who I went with. I don’t know as I would want it much bigger–ten was my original limit I had in mind anyway.


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