Manic Poetry 101

I’ve written about how my manic and depressive episodes showed up early in my life, but I wasn’t attuned enough to such things to notice what was going on.  But I do have poetry and other writings that reflect what was going on in my mind during those times.  I have one poem written in the early 1990’s in particular that is manic in origin if there ever was one.  I’ll give it to you now–it’s titled “Take a Walk”.

I’ll pick you up in the nearest bar

Feed you a mickey in your Jack Daniels

Drag you home and keep you as a pet–

Just hug you and kiss you and

Call you George–

Some days I just feel like

doing something dangerous

Like wear sexy red satin

underneath a tweedy suit

to go out dancing–undo a

button or two–when we’re

up close and personal

Sometimes I just get in the mood

to be a little dangerous

Let’s create awareness in a

very feral way

as I step into

my high-heeled shoes

to waltz you off a cliff

Because I know how you like it

when I do something dangerous.

Like I said.  Manic.  Never done any of those things.  But I’ve thought about them.  And my poetry reflects a lot of my moods even in graduate school when I felt steady as a rock.  Tune  in tomorrow for more!


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