Depressive Poetry 201

All teenagers write depressing poems at times.  Lord knows I’ve written my share when I was a kid.  But this particular poem I wrote in graduate school has a particular resonance for me because it was the first time I directly addressed suicidal tendencies in my poetry.  It’s called “Long After the Ball (In Memory of Cinderella)”

Forced to wear the dainty

glass slippers

long after the cracks

began to show.

The splinters dig deeply,

lodged in the small foot;

didn’t she once dance in

the  tiny shoes ten years ago?

After throwing them against the wall

echoing the ancient sound

of the royal coach bells in

counterpoint to her young laughter,

the delicate fingers curled around

the glass, whose broken edges

glittered as she forced them

into the veins of her wrist.

A nation may mourn.

But no longer does she leave

a trail of blood while

walking to the royal bedroom.


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