Advanced Class

And if this poem isn’t a perfect example of rapid-cycling mixed-state bipolar, I’ll eat my hat:  “Temporary Insanity”

I’m picking up the pieces of

my shattered personality.

The mirror is the image of

a fractured, broken mind.

THe fabric of reality

is ripped to hell and gone. I sit

alone with eyes squeezed shut; I know

I’m simply going crazy.

I don’t know who I am, you see

a crisis of identity.

I’m rhyming, though; how can this be?

I scream out loud, “No more!”

I can’t control the words I say

Much less control my manic life

I think I’ve really lost it now;

I want to find a knife!

3 thoughts on “Advanced Class

  1. Poetry is something I’ve done most of my life, and I think it can reveal things about ourselves we’re not even aware of. So I think the fact that these poems, written 20 years ago, show so clearly what I was going through with my bipolar is amazing, considering I didn’t even know what bipolar was myself.

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