Liebster Award

Apparently Lecy at “Simple Life Happy Wife”  has nominated me for  a Liebster Award.  It’s a blogging award for small bloggers, which Lord knows I am.   I have to answer 11 questions about myself, post 11 random facts about myself, and nominate 11 other small bloggers.  Hm.  Well, here goes.

My eleven questions are:

  1.  How did you decide on the name of your blog?

The domain name is my name with my middle initial.  My blog is “Day by Day” because it’s an account of how I struggle with bipolar disorder to make every day count for something.

  2.  How many unread emails are sitting in you inbox? (be honest!)
None.  I’m an email addict.
  3.  What is your favorite food?
Chocolate almost anything
  4.  What is one wardrobe staple you can’t live without?  (mine is hoodie sweatshirts)
My white capri pants for summertime.  I love them.
  5.  Do you have children?
  6.  What is your favorite social media platform and why?
I like Facebook because I can keep up with long-distance connections from forever ago.
  7.  What is something you do, smell, taste that immediately takes you back to your childhood?
See my mom.
  8.  What is the best thing (in your opinion) about blogging?
That it is so immediate.  You make an immediate connection with your readers without intermediaries.
  9.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Designer purses
10.  Where state/country are you from?
11.  What 5 things do you always have to keep in your purse/bag?
Wallet, pens, two checkbooks, cellphone
11 random facts about myself.
1. I am a native Mississippian and I have never lived anywhere else.
2. I have three children, all girls
3.  I went to Mississippi State University
4. I finished my Bachelor’s degree at age 19
5 I have six unsold novels written
6 This is my fourth blogging attempt
7. I used to blog about Mississippi reality TV stars
8.  I was a Girl Scout when I was young
9. I was a freelance writer for ten years
10. I used to rollerskate for exercise (read about it at “Rollerskaing Over Forty”)
11.  I still use a Nokia phone with a little retractable antenna.
Nominating other bloggers.  Okay
1.  Jesse Yancy at “Made In Mississippi” at
2. Beth Kander at “A Little Pixie Magic”
3. Beverly Lynnt at “Working Through Bipolar” at
. 4. Hillary at “No Pens or Pencils” at
5. Reayn at “The Scarlet B” at
6. Kitt O’Malley at,
8.  Eve at “Positively Eve” at
11. Dyane at “Proudly Bipolar” at
 Whew,  Now I have to find out how to display the award.
Now all of you can answer the same questions I did on your blog and nominate 11 other bloggers. if you want to participate.  Thanks all!

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Julie, I’m taking some time today to check out the Liebster posts from all the ladies I nominated. I enjoyed reading a little more about you and I think it’s great that you’re using your blog to discuss your struggle with bipolar disorder. I have dealt with a crippling anxiety disorder and it would have been helpful to have a space to connect with others. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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