Tired But Happy

Had another sleepover last night–eight ten-year-olds all happy and getting along.  They played musical chairs, had a talent programs, played with American Girl dolls, and watched two movies before crashing around 11 p.m.   So I got some sleep at least,.

Went to my psychiatrist yesterday and everything seems to be on an even keel. Got prescriptions for the new medicine regimen and a follow-up appointment in three months.  He was happy my surgery went well and that everything seemed to be moving along well.

Got a letter from the English department head for another college I’m trying to adjunct for.  His letter did not sound hopeful that I could get any classes in creative writing, but he encouraged me to apply and sent me an application to fill out online. I did that and sent it back.  So we will see.  All I can ask for is an opportunity and see what they say.  And pray. I just need direction in whether or not to sign up  for classes at my current position or not.  I feel pulled between the status quo and just doing the creative writing teaching and see how that goes.  I don’t know what I would do with my time if I weren’t teaching at the community college I’m at now.  But I feel so depressed at the idea of grading papers tonight that I know I’m doing a disservice to the kids not wanting to be there.

I hope you enjoyed the poetry; most of you seemed to.  I may post more as I look through my collection. I haven’t written serious poetry in at least 15 years, so it’s all old stuff.  But some of it may interest some of you.

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