I Hate Cancer

I have someone that is heavy on my heart this morning.  He works with my husband and is just about to turn 40, and a few months ago he discovered he had cancer.  He had surgery to remove it, and since I hadn’t heard anything else from my husband about him, I assumed he was fine.  I just found out last night he is having to undergo chemotherapy as well.  He is generally one of the most cheerful persons I know, but I know he wrestles with psychological problems as well (he is afraid to fly).  I just am praying that he’ll get through this trial and live to see his son grow up.

I had another very close friend that is finally ending her battle with cancer triumphantly.   She will have a hysterectomy this summer since during her breast cancer treatment, they discovered she carried markers for ovarian cancer as well, which claimed the life of her mother a few years ago.

Cancer runs throughout my family–I have lost relatives to it and my own father underwent treatment for prostate cancer several years ago.  (Finding this out landed me in the hospital for a few days).  And my father-in-law is battling it now, about to go to M.D. Anderson in Texas for treatment of metastatic cancer from a tumor he had removed nine years ago.

I hate the disease, I hate how it steals your life slowly, and I hate to even hear the word. Please pray for all of these as they continue to fight.

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