Shopping for Free!

My youngest learned the fun of shopping with gift cards today–she had a birthday and got gift cards from Justice, Target, and Walmart.  She already had two gift cards from Walmart that we found out she had not spent anything on yet, so needless to say, we had a blast in the crafts section there buying crayons, markers, and giant color books.  At Justice, she got a diary and a notebook with her initial on it, and at Target she got the cutest navy hi-lo dress to wear to school once it finally warms up.  So we had a mother-daughter blast shopping for pure fun stuff.

We got a couple of practical things that I paid for–she wanted a larger laundry hamper so we bought a giant-sized one of those, and I finally found a spring purse I likes–a Dooney and Burke for 25% off with a white background and a brightly colored village scene.  I can wear it with my white capris and solid tops and use my tan one for patterned outfits.  So I was happy shopping,. too 🙂

I had to really keep a watch on myself shopping in the purse section–before I found the discount table I was looking at a pale pink Kate Spade purse that would exactly match one dressy outfit I own.  I was really, really tempted, but let it go and will hope it makes it to the discount rack by the fall. Good thing I’m so cheap-minded because it really was the perfect bag.  I’ll just have to wait.

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