Iced In

Well, we have ice this morning on bridges and roads throughout where I live in Mississippi.  My kids are out of school today; since we are a rural area, it’s not looking to thaw out as easily as a more urban area might with salt, sand, and other emergency equipment. Reports of wrecks and road closures are coming out minute by minute. So we are in for a wild ride until it thaws out later today.

Mississippi rarely gets snow, which you can get out and play in and have fun. We get ice because it simply doesn’t get cold enough for snow around here.  It looks pretty with trees coated with glass-like clear ice.  But it coats power lines, too, and that makes everyone unhappy when the power goes out.  We don’t have the emergency resources for that kind of weather and often have to get crews from other states to pitch in to repair everything when it breaks.

So we will see how today goes.  I don’t have any plans to leave the house until the sun has been out for a while, if it ever comes out from behind the clouds.  I’m listening to the local county music station for news and just heard from my husband that he got in to work okay.  He works for a heavy equipment company, and I imagine they’ll be processing a few orders for generators as people prepare for even colder temps tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Iced In”

  1. We’re shivering away up here with so many days of subzero temps. The houses on either side of us have had frozen pipes. One house is using our faucet outside for their supply until spring. It’s been a cold winter so far. Take care on those icy roads.


  2. See, we’re just not used to it in Mississippi. Usually around now I’m dressing like springtime and we’re done with the cold. We may get surprised occasionally with snow in March but that’s rare, too. We can’t buy snow chains here or anything. And we get either ice or ice under snow, which is a lethal combination. It’s supposed to start snowing here tonight and stick until morning. So we will see what happens.

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