Perils of Momhood

So yesterday I was gone all day at a field trip to Desoto Caverns in Alabama and this morning I was at a dance competition being a dance mom, both on behalf of to my youngest daughter.

On the field trip I had total sensory overwhelm with four classes of fourth graders all in the park at one time.  They circulated us around in four groups to keep the chaos at a minimum, but it was still a bit much for me and I went to bed practically as soon as we got home at 9 p.m.  Knowing I was going to get up this morning and go to dance competition with costume changes and dance bun issues made me feel even worse.  We get up this morning and finally get ready and I miss the exit on the interstate on the way to the competition.  Had to go to the next one and turn around.  A very frustrating morning.

I like to feel like I’m in control of my surroundings and get very twitchy if I’m not.  The bus yesterday played kids’ movies, which I usually like, but this selection included Despicable Me, Alexander and the Horrible No Good Rotten Very Bad Day, and Camp Rock, none of which I could call my favorites.  I did enjoy Big Hero Six since I hadn’t seen it before and didn’t get to finish Horton Hears a Who, thank goodness.  I had brought a book but couldn’t concentrate through the movies and the kids’ chatter to read it.

I guess I’m whining.  And I hate doing that.  Hopefully this afternoon my youngest and her friend coming over can entertain themselves while my middle one and her friends are playing games.  I need to catch up on writing as well as resting.  And tomorrow should be somewhat normal with only church, dance practice, and grocery shopping to do.  So we will see.  Being an involved mom is not for the faint  of heart,.

One thought on “Perils of Momhood

  1. Your words are very true. My problem is that I commit because I want to be involved, then dread / anxiety follows. If the activity goes well, then fine. If I start to experience problems I repeat “it can’t be helped” which means to me, what will be, will be, even though errors, mistakes and accidents occor. The other is “God is in control”. If I pray before and during, then I accept that I have committed my activity to The Lord then,,,what will be, will be! By the activities you discuss, you seem very busy, a good busy, with kids can be delightful.

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