God’s Got This

Well, yesterday was another low day, but you know what?  I got through it. It rained, and I had to get out in it to go grocery shopping, but guess what?  That was okay once I got home and knew I was finished with it.   Heard a very inspiring message at church about keeping on when things threatened to keep us back.  I may have bipolar disorder, but Lord willing, it doesn’t have to have me.  I read a little inspiring writing, I had fun watching TV with my family, and I was just determined to let it be a good day.

Attitude is so important when facing something lifelong, whether it’s bipolar disorder or some other struggle.  My Sunday School teacher has asked for prayer for a niece of his that also suffers from bipolar disorder; her family has been dealing with it since she was fifteen years old.  She typically takes the attitude that everyone else is wrong about her condition, and that she can do whatever she wants to do.  That attitude has led her down some dark paths.  She does not take her disorder seriously, and since she lives on her own, the family is unsure about her compliance with her meds.

I hate to see someone complicate their lives unnecessarily by making poor choices.  I told my teacher about the blog and that his niece was free to contact me through it if she needed someone to listen who might understand.  I don’t know if she’s reading it or not.  But I hope she can find help somewhere else if not here.  I want to support people in whatever they’re facing.  I hate to think that she might have to hit rock bottom before she sees what her choices are doing to her.  But that may be the case.  Stephanie, if you’re reading, know that you are not alone and others go through what you are going through.

One thought on “God’s Got This

  1. I’ve been experiencing low days too.I know that this time of year is hard for those of us with mood swings. I know ahead of time this is going to happen, but it doesn’t make me feel any better when the depression hits. Ya know?


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