It’s Only Morning

and it already feels like a long day.  All I’ve done is get up, eat breakfast, and get ready, but it still seems like I’ve been up a long, long time.  I don’t know what to put it down to.

IT’s the last day I teach before spring break, so I get out “early” and can relax for a while before the official start when my kids get off.  On the other had, I have papers to grade still.  But I hope to get them done before the weekend so I don’t have them hanging over me the entire time.

On a down note, my homeschool; class did not turn out.  All the interest I had was from younger students who can take it next fall, or their parents changed their minds once they saw the demands of the course.  So that is a downer.  But at least I have a waiting list already together for the fall and should be able to teach it then.  SO that part is exciting.


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