A Little Snow

Well, we went from a high of 80 degrees yesterday to icy dusting of snow this morning.  A friend of mine calls Mississippi weather bipolar, which I think is an insult to bipolar people–Mississippi weather is much crazier than I’ve ever been.  🙂  SO the kids are out of school again and we are just trying to stay warm and occupied.  My parents are fine with a little heavier snow than what we have, and my oldest is still at school even though classes have been cancelled through until after spring break. She’s waiting for the road to clear up.  Hopefully they will be clear by tomorrow and she can get on home and start her vacation.

I had a breakfast date with a friend this morning that we had to cancel, so I’m feeling a little stir crazy stuck in the house.  I’m pacing some and just feel trapped inside.  We will see what tomorrow brings and if I can get out some and see what I can get accomplished.  I have papers to grade, but I’m dreading that, so that doesn’t help.  I should get to them to night depending on what the kids have to do to get ready for school.


4 thoughts on “A Little Snow”

  1. That’s some really crazy temperature differences!! Even up here in MI we don’t see that big of a gap. We’re still running our faucets to keep the plumbing from freezing. And we’re grateful that temps are above 0 during the day now. But now as we’re heading to spring, we are worrying about freezing drizzle. Hang in there.


  2. When I have tasks that I somewhat dread, I do a little bit then stop and reward myself, alternately, until the deed is done. This is the tactic I’ve been using to declutter my home, make a little money selling books, working my “to do” list, etc. Rewards may be something inexpensive from my amazon wish list, steamed snow crab and corn feast (at home), a bowl of ice cream, a walk at my favorite park, treat myself to a Yankee candle (with a coupon!) netflix binge, etc. Those are types of things that bring me pleasure. Have you tried that approach to get grading papers done? You don’t have to answer, just a thought. 🙂

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