So I’ve Been Thinking

It’s been mentioned that I need a more exciting name for my blog.  Something more dramatic.  I call it “Day by Day” precisely because my life isn’t dramatic–I deal with many of the same issues everyone else does but through a bipolar lens.  I thought I would though open the floor to thoughts for a new name that still incorporated that spirit. Or you can make an argument for an exciting subtitle to go with the more mundane mane. Let me know what you think in the comments.

7 thoughts on “So I’ve Been Thinking

  1. I actually like your name “Day by Day” – most of us have all kinds of struggles that we are dealing with and working on moment by moment, day by day… may not be the same as yours – but struggles nonetheless. Thanks for your candor and blessings!


  2. Hmm… thinking about a tagline that would specify your focus on bipolar living…

    I love Day by Day- btw!!

    “Living day by day in the ups and downs of Bipolar disorder” ???

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  3. Actually, you just said it yourself. How about “Day By Day: Through a Bipolar Lens”. Your perspective is unique, especially in the Christian community. It’s a voice that needs to be heard.


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