Halfway through grading papers so I should finish tonight.  Only some people are exhibiting an understanding of what they should be able to understand by now.  Which is why I get so frustrated with them.  But I only failed one person so that is good.

So my oldest is home for spring break for the first time since Christmas.  It wasn’t planned that she wouldn’t come home before now–it just never worked with her schedule.  But here she is again.

Every time  I see her again since she left for college, she’s more grown up than she was before.  She drove down in the snow yesterday, something I would never have dared do at her age (who am I kidding, at ANY age) and made it fine by following a snowplow for the first leg of the trip.  She and her friends created a giant text tree to let each other know when they got home safely.  Very, very responsible of them all.  Makes me proud. It’s so comforting to know we seem to have given her the tools to manage herself without us hovering or having to worry about how she’s going to handle challenges.  She seems to rise to the occasion.

Of course, we have three more years of this with her, so who knows what will happen.  The middle one is about to get a whole lot more responsibility in getting a car for her sixteenth birthday.  She’s about to go out and practice driving with her father.  I love watching them all grow up.  It’s so exciting.

One thought on “Halfway

  1. My daughter is on her spring break too. But she’s not coming home. Instead she’s going to N. Carolina with the horticulture club to a competition in which she’s participating. Lots of student workshops. She emailed me their itinerary. Whew! She’s going to be pretty busy! We won’t see her until Easter weekend. We’re taking a meal down to her to celebrate.


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