Spring Break

Well, it’s the start of spring break and everyone is off in different directions.  My oldest took the youngest out for a little shopping trip, my middle one is with Bob at work, and I’m here enjoying more peace and quiet.  I feel like I’ve already spent a lot of spring break time with them with the “snow” days  we’ve had the past couple of weeks, so I am enjoying the solitude for a while.  We’re here until Thursday afternoon, when we’ll go to Birmingham, Alabama to watch the youngest compete in a dance competition on Saturday.  I’ll be on blog hiatus during that time, so take a trip through the archives if you haven’t already while I’m gone 🙂

Trips are always interesting to handle with bipolar disorder.  Any interruption to routine has the chance to kick off something interesting.  But we’re taking this trip to be low-key except for the competition, which will be a high-voltage affair.  Dance teams throughout the Southeast are coming, so the pressure is on our girls to compete well.  We’ve had a time getting the young one’s hair to behave for the style the teacher wants it in, but we finally found a bun apparatus that makes her hair somewhat manageable and smooth in a low ballet bun.  So that has been a blessing since my bun-making skills are not up to par.  One of my many failings as a dance mom.  (I’m sorry.  I just can’t take it as seriously as some people do.  I apologize to all the dedicated dance moms out there.  It’s just not life or death to me).

I may be taking along my book to edit on during our down time.  I will have to see.  I may have enough reading material without it since we won’t have as much down time as we initially thought.  But pray for the girls to do well and hopefully everything will go off without  a hitch.


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