My oldest is packing to head back to college; her and some friends are getting together for a movie marathon the rest of the week–all Harry Potter movies and all the Star Wars movies.  They should have fun.  I miss college–I enjoyed my time there a great deal and am glad she’s so far enjoying hers.

We’re packing to go to the dance competition and I’m getting more stressed about it by the day.  I hate dance competitions, and this one is the first major one we’ve attended.  Groups from all over will be there, and I don’t think our little groups stand a chance.  I’ve never wanted my kids this deeply involved in dance, where we’re running all over the country to compete.  But my youngest wanted to try it so here we are.  I just don’t want to lose my peace and temper over it, but I’m afraid I’ve already lost the first.  I just hope I don’t lose the second.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. My kids were into Tai Kwan do, karate, and we attended many competitions. My daughter brought home a few trophies even. Then she made it to first Don black belt, and worked hard for her instructors certificate. But then she had to go off to college, so she hasn’t used it much. I was happy to get off the competition track. I feel for you.


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