THe Competition

After shopping at Riverchase Galleria, we went back to the hotel for rest and relaxation before the girls had to be at the theater they were performing in by four o’clock.  Around three, we started dressing Rachel and getting her ready.  My fifteen-year-old decided to take pity on me and after I got my youngest one’s hair up in the bun, she took over spraying it, putting in the bobby pins, and doing her makeup.  She also decided she would rather be backstage with the other dancers and keeping the youngest one in performance condition instead of me doing it.  So that was a big load off my shoulders–all I had to do was go and enjoy the competition.

That turned out to be harder than I thought.  Bob and I sat through five hours solid of “jazz”, hip-hop, modern dance, and a very little ballet.  My ears were ringing from the noise, and my nerves were frayed for our girls’ chances at winning anything.  They were up against some amazing competition. Finally our girls did their first number “Tutus and Tennis Shoes” and did well enough they were nominated for an audience appreciation award you could vote on with your smartphone.  Much later, Rachel’s group came out and performed “20th Century Girl” and the younger ones performed “Slumber Party”.  Finally our other troupe performed “Chocolatte”.

All of our groups ranked at Gold or High Gold Awards at the end of the competition, while “Chocolatte” won a second place award in their overall category and “Tutus and Tennis Shoes” won a fifth place award.  So we were proud of the girls and how well they did.  I held up pretty well through the whole thing; Bob’s nerves finally got frayed at the end of the award ceremony and since Rachel was seated with us in the audience, we left early to let them get to bed by 11 p.m.

All in all a positive experience for the girls and for us.  We came home Sunday and rested since we didn’t have dance practice that afternoon.  So it was  good trip oven with my bundle of nerves about the hair and all the hoopla associated with the competition.


7 thoughts on “THe Competition

  1. Just spent a weekend watching Show Choir competitions. I brought a few things to keep me busy during breaks. I enjoy watching the other teams – but after 4 or 6 hours I start to go stir crazy!

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  2. Dance competitions are intense! I had to laugh when you said that merely watching the performances turned out to be harder than you thought. So glad your dancers did well!


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