For some reason, I do not want to do class today.  The temptation is strong to just have them read out of the book aloud and cover the material that way.  I don’t tend to do things like that, but I’m just tired of teaching right now. I don’t know if It’s because we’re moving into the research paper, or if it’s a general malaise with teaching itself, or if I’m getting down on everything in general.

I’m so tired.  I just want to go back to bed and sleep.  I did that yesterday and got up around nine something.  I didn’t feel any better; I never do.  I just feel heavy and tired virtually all the time.  I still have  two months left in my dangerous season and wonder if I’m going to get through it or not this year.  I just feel like I’m stumbling along.  I’m excited about the possibilities with  NAMI, and I’m still very positive about how things are going here blogging.  I’m hoping to add Facebook and Twitter accounts next month and see how that goes.  But otherwise I feel a bit directionless.

I know this is depression talking, but it’s still the way I feel right now.  Pray that someday soon it will lift and I can partake in life more than I’m able to do right now.  Thanks for all the comments and encouragement.


3 thoughts on “Tired”

  1. I’m sorry. I hope that it lifts soon too. I hate that feeling of being stuck in limbo, knowing there’s nothing you can really do to make it better except wait. Prayers for you.

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