The Doctor Again

I wrote in January that I was having a procedure done to help me with my periods.  It seems that it has failed.  A week after my post-op checkup,  I started bleeding again and have been having cycles about every week and a half.  When I first brought it up, I was told to wait it out and see if it got better.  The second time I called about it, I was put on another birth control pill to try to regulate it.  Now I’ve been bleeding for a week ON the birth control pill and so I am going back to my doctor this morning.

So please pray that a) she’ll take my concern seriously, b) that she can come up with something to regulate this, and/or c) God will heal me so I don’t have to have further surgery.  Thanks and you all have a wonderful day!

6 thoughts on “The Doctor Again

  1. Oh that just sounds miserable!! Praying for answers and for your doctor to address your needs and take good care of you. Praying God heals you quickly, my friend. Hang in there.

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