Good Morning!

I graded papers last night and this morning and am a little discouraged.  Enough people got them right that I know that I taught the material adequately, but enough people got them wrong that I despair for their collegiate future if they don’t straighten up and fly right.  This phenomenon is the frustrating thing about teaching.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get through to some people.  I hate handing out F’s.  Especially when it’s on a technicality that I have no choice about.  Very sad episode here.

But today is a new day and “I will rejoice and be glad in it”!  I have another chance to hammer everything home to them for their research papers.  Wish me well!

5 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Oh frustrating! I used to grade college papers for and Asian American Literature department. Some kids took that class as an elective to fulfill a requirement and didn’t care about learning. Some wanted to really improve their English writing skills. It was hard to let the “don’t care” kids fail. Hang in there!


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