Mary Jane

Another blessing in my life is my friend Mary Jane.  She and I worked together at Social Security Disability and stayed friends after that–I’d say we’ve been friends now for almost twenty years.  She is one person I can say anything to, and she can receive it without being shocked.  She knows all my secrets and has kept them faithfully all these years.  She understands mental health; she is in recovery as well.  She is able to reassure me that things will get better and pinpoint when there is something going on that I need to pay attention to.

She got me started collecting purses and loves to shop for exotic items.  We both love to write and have been able to share in successes in that field as well as many other areas in common.  Her life has been touched by more grief than most people can stand (she lost her only child several years ago) but has no let it keep her down. I like to think we are an encouragement to each other and we love to get together for lunch and talk about our lives.  She loves my girls and says she prays for all of us as we navigate these interesting transition years to the empty nest.  Mary Jane is a true friend and I am glad she is in my life.


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