Yet another blessing in my life is my spiritual mentor, Jo.  She and I have been friends for about twelve years now, and she is one I can always count on for spiritual guidance.  She loves the Lord with all her heart and knows Scripture backwards, forwards, and inside out. She always ready to greet me with a blessing on our monthly visits at various coffeehouses and lunch places.  She is very active in her church, leading worship as a keyboardist, often with songs she’s written herself.  She also leads divorce care groups and is a licensed professional counselor, serving as the head of the counseling ministry at her church.  We can talk about mental health issues from the same perspective, herself being a survivor of child molestation.

I asked her several years ago if she could be my mentor because I so admired her walk with the Lord.  She challenges me to walk closer to Jesus by example and by direct encouragement, knowing that when I get low, I am prone to wonder if God really is there for me.   She’s always ready with an uplifting word whenever we meet.  We have children in the same age ranges  and have gone through all the upheavals of adolescence together as moms (considering we first met at a Mothers of Preschoolers meeting, it’s ben a long road together! 🙂 )

All of my friends are blessings, but these four ladies holds special places in my heart.  I hope all of you have friends like this you can call upon for counsel, understanding, and fun as I do.

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