Big Day!

It’s an important day today for my girls–the middle one is taking the ACT for the second time, and the youngest is going to a new dance competition in Hattiesburg.  The middle one had the flu when she took the ACT last time and still made 29 on her first time out, so she is actually excited to be taking it well and to see how high she can score this time 🙂  The youngest is, as always, ready to dance her way through another day.  Her hair is up and we are waiting to get her makeup on in just a little while.

Next weekend will be big with the high school Awards Day and the Band Banquet that the middle one is involved in and the local dance competition that the little one will go to as well.  They’re all big weekends and weeks coming up until the end of school.  It’s a busy time of year for us, and I always wonder how I’m going to get through it.  But this year I feel confident that I will.  I feel good most every day and hope that it continues on through the rest of spring and through the summer as well.  The summer is shaping up to be a busy one—camps, trips, competitions, etc. are taking up a lot of our days.  We vacation in St. Louis this year and have a competition in Biloxi in the midsummer.  My oldest will be home, and we are not sure how she will be spending her summer.

All in all, good things seem to be coming our way this year.  Thanks goodness for a good mood place so I can enjoy the spring with my family.  Have a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Big Day!”

  1. Julie….so great to see you continuing to feel so up and joy-filled. It helps to have sunshine back and things to look forward to. I’m a dance competition mama too! So awesome! It’s a huge commitment but a lot of fun. Our school has break this week, and my son is competing in a robotics competition in St. Louis…my husband and kids are driving from Boston…yikes! Thanks for always sharing your journey so honestly with us!

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  2. Honesty is all I have to offer. I feel like if I can’t be honest with how I’m doing, I don’t really have any hope to give people who read. Glad to be in an uplifting place right now. (Might be more exciting reading if I weren’t, but I’ll gladly make that sacrifice 🙂 )

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