Owwww. . .

Been developing a horrible toothache over the past couple of days and have just now gotten the courage to call the dentist.  I have a phobia about going to the dentist.  I knew it was bad when I broke down and took some Tylenol, but that didn’t even dent the pain.  So I wound up taking my heavy painkillers left over from my surgery so I could sleep, and it took away the bone ache in my jaw but not the tooth pain, which is making it where I can’t even eat.  So now I have an appointment and have to miss Awards Day for my middle daughter.   Double fun.

4 thoughts on “Owwww. . .

  1. Oh Julie! I’m so sorry you are having that kind of pain! I know tooth pain all too well… it’s just awful! I’m also afraid of the dentist… my anxiety SKYROCKETS when I have to go. Hate hate hate it!

    Praying for you sweetie!


  2. Well, the dentist is treating it like an abscess and will have me on antibiotics and a painkiller until I can have a root canal done May 5. So that is the update as of right now.


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