An Ending

Last dance competition before the summer!  So we go to our last local competition today and wait for the recital in May.  It’s the dance teacher’s 50th recital, so there will be a lot of hoopla associated with that anniversary.  We go to another major competition in July in Biloxi then are through with competitions for the summer.  So we will see how things go today.

Toothache Is still here with some moderation due to the painkillers.  Tried to eat something solid and my teeth kept tapping together in pain so that was the end of that.  I’ll have soup for lunch again and rice for dinner.  Ten days before I got back to the dentist to hopefully get it taken care of.  I don’t remember ever having a toothache like this before.  But the Ultram seems to be working well so far–they told me that antibiotics should help the pain ease down to where I won’t need the painkiller, so I hope that is the case soon.

Oldest comes home today to pick up some boxes to get ready to pack up with and then has to go straight back to take care of some business for classes this afternoon.  Wish safe travels for her.  We’ll miss having her home this weekend but it’s not long until she’s home for the summer.  So it won’t be too bad.

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