Big Days Ahead

My middle daughter has some big days coming–today’s her  sixteenth birthday, and she goes to take her driver’s test this morning to get her license.  She found out yesterday that she made a 31 on her ACT, so she feels good about her collegiate future.

It’s our second time through all these milestones, but they feel new just the same. Our middle one is a little different than our oldest one.  Both were very confident in themselves, but the middle one is  a little more self-motivated than her sister.  She keeps her grades high because it’s a matter of pride for her.  She’s excited to have made a 31, but now wants to try again to see if she can make a 33.  With all these brains comes a candy-store problem of what to do with them.  She is unsure what she wants to major in.  Our oldest knew from the time she was in ninth grade what she wanted to do.  So they are different in that aspect as well.

But our middle one has always been her own person, so we’ve never had to worry about negative peer pressure–she’s a leader rather than a follower.  She’s very special to us as are the other two.  So Happy Birthday, Little Bit.  Hope it’s a wonderful one.

4 thoughts on “Big Days Ahead

  1. My kids are all grown, but I remember their milestones very well. They are to be celebrated! Sixteen is definitely one of them, and so is a great score on her ACT. Congrats! 🙂


  2. My kids are young adults – but happy birthday to your daughter!!!!! Blessings! I have two – and they are both very, very different from each other – but that’s a good thing too!


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