Where I Come Out With Bipolar Disorder

.The magazine article about my bipolar journey comes out this afternoon in Mississippi Christian Living, a magazine distributed throughout Mississippi and heavily promoted in the Jackson area.  Everyone that I cared about knowing already knows, but after this article, everyone I know should be aware of it now.  That’s a little scary.  My husband’s extended family has kind of ignored my condition since my last crisis, and I hope this article coming out does not upset them.  I don’t discuss my crises in it, but simply my daily life and my walk with God.  But I imagine it could be disconcerting to them to be asked about me in the days to come.

I also don’t want to upset my kids.  I ran it by them and they seemed fine with the idea, but I hope they can use it to educate their peers instead of their peers starting to look down on them.  I’ve never wanted to embarrass my kids.  I want my story to be public and reach people, but I don’t want my family tarred by association.  It’s a delicate balance.  And I ride it every time I talk, or make a post, or do an interview.

I’ll publish the link once they put it up on their site.  Thanks for your prayer support over the next few days in this.  I appreciate it more than you know.


8 thoughts on “Where I Come Out With Bipolar Disorder”

  1. Great news! I look forward to reading your article.

    Best wishes with your balancing. I appreciate your concern about tarring your family while addressing a taboo subject.


  2. I will be praying that God blesses your faithful and courageous steps in sharing about your disorder!


  3. This is so brave and important. I write for a mental health blog, Defying Shadows, and our ministry is to bring awareness and understanding to the array of struggles. I wrote about anxiety today and will write about PTSD later this month for Mental Health Month. I’ll pray that people will gain understanding through you, both in your personal life and those who are touched by your published story.


  4. You are so courageous! I’ve been praying about being more public about my own almost-tragic journey through depression. I feel like I’m getting closer to that moment of opening it up to help people, but you are right: We have so many things to consider: our kids, families, etc. But God is bigger, and when He says it’s time, He will anoint it with His grace and glory! Praying!


  5. Bonnie, you’re right that it is SO HARD to do. It took me years before I could regard it with enough objectivity to write about it. I wrote bits and pieces, but it was not until last year that I was able to put together anything coherent. That’s when I started my blog and put up pieces of the story at a time. I hope you can find the right time and place to open up.


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