Last Day of Class

SO today is my last day of class for the semester.  I handed back practice finals and final research papers.  They did all right on the papers, not so good on the practice finals.  So we went over that.  Next time I see these kids will be at the final exam.  A bit of nostalgia here because I will always remember and miss a few of them, particularly the ones who have been with me in both Comp I and  Comp II.  As always, I hope some of them got something out of the class that will stay with them.

The grades were all right for the papers-only two failed because  of accidental plagiarism.  Only one A and only a few B’s.  But they were so much better than the originals that I have to feel pretty good about them.

About time to go to my next class. Hopefully it will go as well as the first.  Hope everyone has a good day!

One thought on “Last Day of Class

  1. I think (as a student) the last day of class was always a bit bittersweet. Though I did have a few I literally could not WAIT to get out of! Yet, those finals….oh my goodness…SO glad those are over!!!


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