My Psychiatrist

Went to see my psychiatrist this morning.  He said I seemed to be doing very, very well right now, especially considering the time of year.

This May marks his ninth year of treating me for my bipolar disorder, and we have been through a lot together.  My runaway episode, my near-constant mood shifts early on, all my hospitalizations, and my current longest time of stability since I’ve been diagnosed.  I thank God for him and his understanding of what kind of treatment I need.

I already understood a lot about mental illness before I was diagnosed, and that has discomfited some people I have been in treatment with.  A therapist told me one time, “You know too much,” when I happened upon the reason she had asked me a particular question.  He has never seen it that way.  He accepts that I’m  as knowledgeable about the disease as I am and works with me to make me more knowledgeable about my treatment options and why he does what he does.  He has none of this “God complex” that so many doctors have, and I’m thankful for that because nothing irritates me more than a doctor treating me like I’m an idiot just because I have a mental disorder.

So I just thought I would post about how thankful I am for modern psychiatry that recognizes that these are physical as well as emotional diseases and that we are no longer in the dark ages about mental illness as we were before the medication revolution.  And I wanted to thank Dr. Andrew Bishop for his role in keeping me and so many other patients stable and able to function in society.


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