Gave my first final today and give my next one on Monday.  Everyone showed up for it this morning, so that was good.  Had to extend the time to finish for three people but not for too long.  I really think finals should be three hours long, but that’s just me.  Some are going to do well and some aren’t–I could tell looking at them as they turned them in.  But it will all shake out in the end and everyone will get the grade they earned–one way or another.  That’s the way it is every year.

Take my middle child out to eat tonight to celebrate making a 31 on her ACT–we’ll go to a fancy joint called Table 100.  That’s our standard award for mighty achievements.  She went when she made the drumline back in freshman year, and our oldest went for earning a full-tuition scholarship to the college of her choice.  So we’re excited about that.

Another hectic week next week–I have appointments and we have dance recital coming up with all the rehearsals that go with it.  But after that it should be smooth sailing,.

And my oldest is home today from her freshman year.  Not sure what she’s going to do this summer, but we’ll figure something out.  She’s sleeping off her drive down right now, so I’ll let her rest.  I think it’s going to be a good, good summer.


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