Finals Again

So I have another final today and I’m through with Spring 2015 after I grade them.  After that, everything is up in the air.  I may have a hysterectomy, I may not.  I’ll talk to my doctor about that Wednesday.  I may return to work in the fall, I may not.  I should find out something definite on that score in the next few weeks.  I’m in a kind of waiting place right now.  I don’t feel bad about it, which is good.  I like knowing what’s coming, what’s going to be in the future, etc.  THe older I get, the more I recognize that that kind of assurance Is illusory at best and downright fantasy at worst.  But that’s been my lifetime tendency and it’s hard to break.

My other two are winding down finishing school as well.  Soon we’ll all be out for summer and getting ready for summer activities.  I feel good about this summer; I think we have a good mix of activities and downtime this year and will have fun but relax as well.  That’s the best kind of environment for me–too much activity and I get twitchy and too little activity and I get lethargic.  It’s a delicate balance, like so many other things in my life.

For those that are wondering, I had a more-or-less good Mother’s Day weekend.  WEnt to see my parents Saturday and took my mom plants for her present, which congested Bob to no end traveling with them.  She was very happy, though, so that made it worthwhile for us.  Daddy was in a better mood that expected, so that helped as well.  Yesterday we went out to eat with BOb’s parents and sister’s family–we had to leave early because of Bob’s congestion but had good food and conversation while we were there.  And I got a long nap Sunday afternoon–all three girls went grocery shopping without me; I had tried to go but fell and ripped open my knee in the Kroger parking lot.  So they took me back home and went shopping for me.

Hope everyone has a good week!

3 thoughts on “Finals Again

  1. How is your knee? Oh dear!!! Well, I’m glad you had a good Mother’s day and you got a long nap in!! That is always a heavenly treat to me!!

    Your summer balance sound wonderful! I am hoping for the same… right in the middle of too busy, and not busy enough!


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