Good Day Today

Had a good session with my therapist this morning,  We talked about my professional future and all my options I have opening up.  She said I seemed to really be in a good place right now and hoped that everything would soon be resolved where I could tell people about it :).  We also talked about the kids being home and how I was going to handle that.  So it was a productive session all around.

Had two very good professional things happen so far–yesterday was my first guest post for another blog called Defying Shadows.  I posted about bipolar disorder and what barriers I had in my life that I had run into as a result of it.  I hope it goes over well with their blog audience.  AND–I asked people to pray about an opportunity I had to be featured in a national magazine.  I got a return email today that the reporter wanted to chat with me over the phone and see what my story was all about. SO I am VERY thrilled with that possibility.

And my daughter fielded me a call today from a local lady that read my article in Mississippi Christian Living and wanted to tell me how much it meant to her.  I called her back and spoke to her for a minute; she said she had tried to find my blog and couldn’t, so I gave her the blog name and told her I would be thinking about her. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing–to try to help others.  I get a lot of personal satisfaction out of doing this writing, but I feel a real call on my life to try to minister to people through this blog and through creating awareness.  So the more I can do that, the better.

Hope everyone has a good day today!


2 thoughts on “Good Day Today”

  1. Just got off the phone with the reporter; I’m one of four women they are looking at for the feature. I need to send in a photo or two and she’ll call me back in two weeks. So we will see.


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