Final Grades

Just posted final grades for my Composition classes.  Lots of C’s, a few B’s, a few D’s, but no F’s other than the ones I already gave out earlier in the semester for absences.  SO it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Talked to the reporter for Woman’s Day yesterday.  We had a good talk for about a half-hour.  She said she just wanted to get a preliminary idea about my story and journey and was looking at three other ladies to possibly feature.  She said she would talk with her editors and see which one of us would be a good “fit” for the article they wanted to do.  SO we will see how that goes.

Rachel is home sick today–she woke up feeling nauseated.  I gave her some medicine and she is feeling better, but we are still keeping her out of school for the day.  Luckily Terrie is hoe to keep her so I can go ahead and go to my doctor’s appointment.  I am still bleeding and want to talk to her about my options at this point.  I really want to go ahead and do a hysterectomy just so it will stop.  I am very scared that I may have cancer  and I simply want it out so they can find out what is going on .  Pray that we can make some  headway here and I don’t just get put off to wait it out again.  Pray that I’ll be polite but forceful.  I tend to err on either side with doctors–I’m either too nice or I lose my temper.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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